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It only takes 5 seconds to export the data you need to Excel and use it immediately

The WiData Platform integrates directly into your add-in Excel system. There is no need for downloading, copying, complicated processing, or worrying about periodic data updates; just type the function, and the data will be retrieved immediately. With the strength of leading large-scale data systems from macro, company, sector, province, monetary, commodity, stock, bond, news, transaction, and so on, WiData is the best tool in the country for all of your in-depth financial data requirements.

Big and long data scale

Official data copyright

90% reduction in data retrieval time

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Your organization should use WiData!

WiData splits data packets according to need. You only need to pay for the data you need, avoiding buying all the data that wastes your budget.

Cost savings

WiData's data system is always committed to the fastest update speed in the market, with data accuracy assured at or above 99%.

Fast update speed

The process for transferring data straight to Excel is extremely simple and flexible through typing functions or queries from Web Task panes.

Save 90% time

WiData provides nearly all economic and financial data in the country for research, investment, and business. The data system is continuously expanded based on customer and team suggestions.

Big data scale

Quy mô dữ liệu lớn
Tiết kiệm 90% thời gian
Tốc độ cập nhập nhanh
Tiết kiệm chi phí

You only need 5 minutes to use WiData proficiently

with three supporting tools

Powerful "Search" Box

To use WiData's clever search box, just input the "data keyword". The system will immediately suggest the function to take. You can quickly get the data with just one click or customize the retrieved data field to meet your specific requirements.

Easy-to-understand function rule

The logic rule set is used to structure WiData's system of over 400 functions. Once you've learned this set of principles, you may actively write the function directly to retrieve the data you need quickly and effortlessly without using the "search box" task pane.

System "information" function

If you are unfamiliar with the new WiData function, don't worry; all WiData functions come complete with a function description, user manual, data source, update frequency, and thorough examples.

Who should use WiData?

Doanh nghiệp tư nhân

Private Company
(Manufacturing, Trade, Service)

Công ty cung cấp dịch vụ tài chính

Financial Services Company
(Banking, Securities, Insurance, Real Estate)

Nhà đầu tư chuyên nghiệp

Professional Investor
(Investment Fund, Asset Management Company, Professional Individual)

Tổ chức nghiên cứu

Research Organisation
(University, Training Centre, Economic Research Institute)

WiGroup's products are being trusted by large organizations

No need to worry about data

Focus your organization's resources on breakthrough ideas. Data problems? Let WiData help you. With a large-scale data system, high accuracy, and fast update speed,
WiGroup believes that we will be the best choice for your business.

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