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No need to worry about data

WiData provides millions of bands of the most in-depth financial data 

  • Macroeconomic Data: National and provincial currency.

  • Data on business and financial operations for almost 2000 public firms.

  • Financial data for nearly 200 industry groups GICS 4-level standard.

  • Trading statistics for markets: Commodities, real estate, bonds, stocks, etc.

  • News, aggregated reports from nearly 50 leading newspapers and analytical organizations.

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Large-scale data system, accuracy, and leading update speed in Vietnam

Dữ liệu Doanh nghiệp​

Company Data​

(3 Exchanges: HOSE, HNX, UPCOM)​​

  • Company information

  • Financial statement

  • Financial ratio

  • Transaction data

  • News and events

Dữ liệu Ngành

Sector Data (4 levels according to the global industry classification Standards - GICS)​​

  • Financial statement

  • Financial ratio

  • Transaction data

  • News and events

Dữ liệu Báo cáo phân tích

Data Analytics Report​​ from

more than 50 major analytical organizations

  • Company analysis report

  • Sector analysis report

  • Macro analysis report

  • Strategy analysis report

  • Corporate IR report

Dữ liệu Kinh tế Toàn quốc

National Economic Data

  • Production spending

  • Economic Price Index

  • Investment

  • Import and Export

  • International visitors

  • Transportation

  • Fiscal

  • Population

  • Labor

Dữ liệu Lãi suất - Tiền tệ

Interest Rate - Currency Data

  • Open market, interbank

  • Banking system

  • Money Supply - Mobilization - Credit

  • Policy interest rate

  • Deposit and loan interest rates

  • Domestic and international exchange rates

  • Balance of payment and reserve

  • Real estate market

Dữ liệu Kinh tế Tỉnh thành

Provincial Economic Data

  • Production spending

  • CPI

  • International visitors

  • Transportation

  • Import and Export

  • Investment

  • Fiscal

  • Mobilization

  • Credit

Dữ liệu Thị trường Hàng hóa

Commodity Market Data

  • Domestic commodity prices

  • Chinese commodity prices

  • Global commodity prices

Dữ liệu Thị trường Trái Phiếu

Bond Market Data

  • Foreign government bonds

  • Primary government bonds

  • Secondary government bonds

  • Corporate bonds

Dữ liệu Thị trường Cổ phiếu

Stock Market Data

  • Global market index

  • Domestic market historical index

  • Realtime market index

Data processing process ensures standard and accurate

Tổng hợp


Data is updated by WiGroup's data processing team from official sources of the Government of Vietnam and domestic and foreign management organizations.

Làm sạch


Before being normalized, data must be reviewed, post-tested, and cleaned by WiGroup's team of data governance professionals and a rigorous process.

Quy chuẩn


Before entering the system, all data must be uniformly structured. Make sure users use it right away without having to process it again.

Bảo mật và Điều chỉnh

Privacy and Regulatory

Data is stored using a multi-layered security system. In addition, if the issuer re-publishes the data, Wi will also update it according to the latest publication.

anh 3.png


Fast update speed and official data copyright

  • Enterprise information data is updated within 8 hours from the time the company publishes the information.

  • Financial statement data is updated within 24 hours from the time of publication.

  • Macroeconomic data is updated in 3–8 hours, depending on the type of data.

  • Trading data for the markets is updated continuously or at the end of the day, depending on the length of the data.

Infrastructure ensures the stability and security of international standards

  • The WiGroup server is located in the FPT Data Centre server cluster, which meets Tier 3 standards to ensure stable operation.

  • Advanced on-premise infrastructure is built independently; all activities are not affected by any third party to ensure security. (The system is built similarly to leading technology companies investing in FPT, MoMo, etc.)

  • Monitored and operated with the Monitoring Service of Router 53 of Amazon Web Service to help prevent intrusions into the system with the highest level of security.


No need to worry about data

Let's focus on human resources in business for breakthrough ideas. Data problem, let us help.
With a rich data system, top accuracy, and the fastest update speed in the market,
we believe that WiData will be your best data choice.

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