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WiData User Manual

WiData provides a high-performance data extraction experience on Excel for analysts and professional investment firms, enabling them to leverage data for in-depth analysis, report writing, and running evaluation models.

To effectively and efficiently experience the WiData product, let us suggest two ways to use it. With just 2 minutes, we believe you can quickly master WiData.

WiData helps you export data quickly and efficiently through two methods:

  1. Fast data export using Taskpane

  2. Using WiData functions for quick data export

Neo 1

Here is the simplest way to export data for beginners, and we encourage you to use this method when starting with WiData. Taskpane helps you search for and select functions easily, quickly, and provides detailed information for data retrieval.

Guide on How to Use Taskpane in WiData:

Neo 2

Here is the professional and much faster method of exporting data in WiData. WiData provides user-friendly functions (similar to Excel functions) and a consistent logic that helps you retrieve data quickly and efficiently. Once you become familiar with the function structure, you will be able to retrieve data with WiData in the fastest way that no other tool on the market can match.

Guide on Using Functions to Export Data in WiData:

Getting Started with WiData

Want to search, track and export thousands of financial data directly to Excel?

Get instant access to the WiData platform to be able to do just that in a snap!

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